01 December 2020

The December festive season is upon us, but with all that is behind us, it is understandable if you’re struggling to find your festive cheer this year. And, while the Christmas stockings, Santa figurines, and elf on the shelf toys can help make things look like Christmas, they might not be enough to help you feel the joy of the season. Luckily, there are a few ways to fix your lack of Christmas spirit if lockdown has stolen your festive cheer:

1. Help fix the economy by supporting local  

Part of what makes Christmas so special is the spirit of generosity that comes with the season. Buying your gifts from a local store is a great way to double up on your giving – not only are your loved ones receiving gifts, but you are also ploughing back into the local economy, which is desperately needed after the year we’ve had!


2. Pack out and donate

Nothing helps provide that warm and fuzzy feeling of festive cheer than knowing that you’re helping your fellow man. Start making room for the barrage of gifts you’re about to receive by donating the things you no longer want or need. Spend some time going through your wardrobe, kitchen and laundry cupboards, children’s playroom, and garage or outdoor shed and donate unwanted and unused items to local charity shops, homeless shelters, hospitals or any other organisation for the less fortunate. If you’re unsure where to drop off your donations, RE/MAX offices across the country are acting as a collection point for children’s books, toys, stationery and clothing as part of our annual Toy & Book Collection. You can find your nearest RE/MAX office by clicking on the Agent/Office tab on our website.


3. Lockdown stolen time with loved ones?

Spending quality time with your friends and family is what this season is all about – and after months in lockdown, we could all use the social interaction. If you’re struggling to get into the festive spirit, arrange a Christmas-themed gathering (keeping social distancing practices in mind) with friends and family. This can be anything from joining a local outdoor carols evening, to watching Christmas movies in your lounge or hosting family for an outdoor meal. If you have young children, spend a day in your kitchen baking cookies for Santa. If your home is too small to enjoy a bake-a-thon or Christmas gathering, perhaps it’s time to give yourself the gift of a new home by starting your real estate search today.     

Whatever you do to get into the Christmas spirit, RE/MAX of Southern Africa wishes you all a happy and safe festive season ahead!

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