01 December 2020

Picture how anxious you might feel if, without warning or explanation, you were taken to an unknown destination where you discovered all your belongings had been unpacked into this unfamiliar space. The anxiety builds as evening draws near and nobody shows any signs of returning you home. This is exactly how your pet feels when you relocate. But, there are a few necessary precautions you can take to help your pet adjust to a new home.

New home, new vet & tags
One of the first things you should do before you move in is to find the closest vet in your new suburb and get your pet’s tags and chips updated with your new address. It might also be a good idea to have a recent photo of your pet on hand, just in case they wander off or try to run back to your old home.

Help your pet adjust to the unknown
Familiar objects and routines are useful ways to help your pets adjust to their new environment. Make sure that all your pet’s favourite things (their cushion, chew toy, drinking bowl, etc.) are unpacked before they arrive. Though you might think that a new home presents the perfect opportunity to purchase new things and develop new habits for your pets, it is better to hold off on anything new until your pet has become comfortable in the unfamiliar space. Remember that in this new territory, you are one of the only things that are familiar to your pets. It can be easy to get so caught up in all the logistics of unpacking and redecorating your new home that you neglect to spend time with your pet. Now more so than ever, your pet needs you to be around. Boxes can always be unpacked later, but the wellbeing of your pet cannot wait.

Prevent wandering paws
Building up to the move, take your dogs for walks in the area to get them used to the scent and layout of their new suburb. That way it won’t all seem so new to them when you eventually move in. After the big moving day, continue to walk your pet daily to help them use up their anxious energy and to become familiar with their new neighbourhood. Helping your feline friend adjust is somewhat trickier. Especially if your cat is the anxious type, it might be worth keeping Snowball indoors for a while and supervise her outdoors until she finds her feet.

Final Thoughts
Are you thinking of selling your home and moving soon? Reach out to your nearest RE/MAX agent who can help you find a pet-friendly property. 

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