01 December 2020

Biltong, chocolates, tins of biscuits and socks: any guess what these items have in common? Yep, you guessed it. It’s the annual list of gift options when you’ve simply run out of ideas. If you’re running low on gift ideas, try thinking outside of the box and inside the home this year. Just think how many items you wish you had in your home but are never able to afford thanks to everyday unexpected expenses. Now you can spoil your home-owing friends and family with these kinds of household items.

Below are a few ideas on how to find the perfect gift for your home-owning friends and family:

Frame memories with friends & family
Framed photographs of memorable occasions can make for an excellent (and inexpensive) gift for your home-owning friends and family. To make sure they love this gift, scout their home to get a sense of their décor and colour scheme and also to see if they will have a place to put it. If they don’t have any wall space, then purchase a standing frame and vice versa. If they don’t have space for picture frames, you could even get photographs printed onto coasters or fridge magnets.  

Personalise your gift
Customise the gifts that you buy with your friend’s or family member’s names, or use a quote or inside joke that would resonate particularly well with them. Bathroom towels, kitchen drying up clothes, door mats, wine glasses, chopping boards, and mugs are all great items to customise. These gifts tend to do particularly well with those within your circle who are a touch sentimental.

Shop together for the home
If you really have no idea what sort of design taste your giftee has, then you have one of two options: purchase a gift card from a home décor store and allow them to purchase something they like, or invite them out shopping with you before the big day arrives and watch them carefully as they browse through the aisles. You can also ask leading questions to find out what they wish they could purchase for themselves.

Final Thoughts
We can sometimes get so caught up in who’s buying what that we forget that the reason we give gifts in the first place is to show that we care about each other. There is no better way to show this than by enjoying quality time together. If your home is feeling too tight to entertain guests over the holidays, perhaps it’s time to add a new home to your Christmas wish list and begin the search for properties.

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